Acumatica Modules: ERP Detailed Features & Functions in 2024( Wed

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Acumatica Modules provides a comprehensive suite of software modules equipped with dashboards, reporting tools, integrated document management, centralized security, and robust customization capabilities. Utilize these ERP features to customize reports tailored to your specific practices, accessing real-time data insights from anywhere, at any time, thanks to cloud-hosted connectivity. The latest application release introduces new features, making it the fastest, most powerful, and user-friendly version of the platform to date.

With a plethora of options available, let SWK assist you in selecting the Acumatica module that best suits your business requirements, enabling you to gain a comprehensive view of your fragmented operational data. Choose from Finance, Distribution, Manufacturing, Project Accounting, Payroll, and Customer Management, or opt for specific features that align with your needs. Manage fixed assets, deferred revenue, and multi-company accounting with expanded ERP functionality, constructing a software stack that maximizes the return on your technology investments.

Acumatica Modules:-

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Acumatica Modules: ERP Detailed Features & Functions in 2024
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1. Acumatica Financial Management Software

The Acumatica Financial Management Suite revolves around a fundamental set of accounting applications utilized by nearly every organization. These applications adhere to standardized GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) rules, fostering collaboration and compliance across all offices and interactions with customers, vendors, and partners. Tailored for companies with intricate, enterprise-level needs, these finance modules are equally suitable for small businesses and expanding organizations seeking scalability.

With seamless native integrations with other suites, you can effortlessly connect between Acumatica Cloud ERP modules and third-party ISVs, constructing a comprehensive technology stack centered on a robust financial management framework.

While any enterprise system can manage basic accounting tasks, only a modern web-based solution provides access to the latest automation and compliance tools. Stay abreast of contemporary payroll and tax regulations with cloud-delivered background updates, and leverage advanced reconciliation features to mitigate human error.

By implementing Acumatica Financial Management, you can modernize your bookkeeping entirely and streamline finance operations, transforming them from cost centers into value generators.

i). General Ledge

The General Ledger (GL) serves as the central hub for all financial data, encompassing your chart of accounts, financial periods, ledgers, allocations, and more.

Key Features:

1. CHART OF ACCOUNTS: Customize the structure and segmentation of accounts and subaccounts, even after initial implementation.

2. ALLOCATIONS: Distribute GL account balances across multiple accounts and subaccounts using predefined rules. Establish allocation rules based on percentages, quantities, statistical data, or proportional to other account balances. Run multiple subsequent allocation templates.

3. RECURRING TRANSACTIONS: Create recurring transactions based on specific schedules and timeframes. Design templates with expiration dates, execution limits, and custom execution schedules.

4. ADVANCED SECURITY: Manage access to view and create transactions for specific GL accounts and subaccounts by assigning permissions to users and roles.

5. REPORTING AND INQUIRIES: Monitor key business aspects in real-time through custom inquiries, dashboards, and reports.

6. WORKFLOW AND APPROVAL: Streamline transaction approval processes by assigning roles or individuals to approve transactions, release transactions, and close accounting periods.

7. PROFIT AND LOSS: Generate reports detailing gains and losses per financial quarter, with year-to-date amounts. Perform side-by-side comparisons with previous years.Acumatica’s General Ledger module empowers businesses with robust features to efficiently manage financial data, streamline processes, and gain valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Chart of Accounts (COA)

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Profit & Loss

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ii). Cash Management

The Cash Management (CA) module is seamlessly integrated with the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable modules, offering a centralized platform to oversee all cash-related activities.Key Features:

1. CASH FORECAST: Obtain insights into your organization’s cash position with a 30-day trend analysis incorporating AR/AP/CA and anticipated cash transactions statistics. Customize reports to align with your specific cash management needs.

2. BANK RECONCILIATION: Simplify the reconciliation process by entering statement information provided by the bank and utilizing Acumatica screens to reconcile balances while incorporating bank charges, interest, and other transactions.

3. PETTY CASH MANAGEMENT: Efficiently manage petty cash and bank account balances with detailed and daily transaction history views. Acumatica enables tracking of uncleared and cleared balances directly from the inquiry screen.

4. CASH ACCOUNT TRANSFERS: Facilitate fund transfers between bank accounts and monitor funds in transit. Acumatica automatically tracks currency gains and losses while enabling recording of associated bank expenses.

5. REMITTANCE AND PAYMENTS: Capture comprehensive payment information from vendors and customers during account setup, linking necessary details to payment types such as credit card, wire transfer, S.W.I.F.T, and more.

Acumatica’s Cash Management module provides robust features to streamline cash operations, enhance transparency, and optimize financial management processes.

Payment Report

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Cash Account Setup

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Cash Transactions Report

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iii). Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable (AR) module serves as a platform for entering customer invoices, issuing customer statements, managing payment collection and application, verifying customer balances, tracking sales commissions, and generating customer reports.Key Features:

1. FLEXIBLE INVOICE DELIVERY: Generate HTML, PDF, or Excel documents that can be formatted for printing or emailed based on client preferences. All documents are stored within the customer record for easy access.

2. RECURRING BILLING: Easily bill various types of contracts with recurring monthly fees, setup fees, renewal fees, consumption-based fees, overage charges, and minimum charge amounts. Create contract templates specifying start and end dates, renewal terms, billing schedules, line items, and more.

3. CREDIT CARD PROCESSING: Benefit from integrated credit card processing to automate billing procedures. This functionality allows for manual entry of charges, voiding transactions, and issuing refunds.

4. DEFERRED REVENUE RECOGNITION: Define deferred revenue codes for each invoice line item to align with your revenue recognition requirements. Each deferred revenue code can be mapped to a distinct recognition schedule.The Accounts Receivable module in Acumatica offers versatile features to streamline invoicing processes, automate revenue recognition, and enhance overall efficiency in managing customer accounts.

Contract Maintenance

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Invoice Entry

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Adding Credit Card

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iv). Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable (AP) module serves as a platform for monitoring vendor invoices, automating payment processing, forecasting cash requirements, tracking vendor balances, managing available discounts, and generating vendor reports.Key Features:

1. VENDOR PREPAYMENTS: Easily input prepayment requests, issue prepayments to vendors, and apply prepayments to vendor invoices upon receipt. The vendor prepayment balance is segregated from the regular AP balance to maintain deposits as an asset account.

2. PREPAID EXPENSE RECOGNITION: Assign a deferred expense schedule to each AP line item for accurate expense recognition in the appropriate reporting period. Acumatica automatically allocates expenses between the prepaid expense asset and expense accounts, recognizing expenses after executing the prepaid expense recognition process.

3. PAYMENT APPROVAL PROCESS: Bills can undergo an automated approval process or be subject to payment approval, allowing for prioritization or delay of bill payments. Upon approval for payment, checks can be printed or electronic payments issued.

4. USE, VAT, AND WITHHOLDING TAXES: The AP module automatically computes Use and VAT Taxes and generates reports for tax filing and reporting purposes. Acumatica also supports calculations for withholding taxes.Acumatica’s Accounts Payable module offers comprehensive features to streamline invoice tracking, payment processing, and tax management, enhancing overall efficiency in vendor management and financial operations.

Bill Entry

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Bills Approval

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Release Checks

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v). Employee Portal

The Employee Portal (EP) module enables companies to streamline the process of entering timesheets, submitting expense claims, and assigning work tasks.

Key Features:

1. EXPENSE CLAIM REPORTING: Employees can effortlessly submit expense claims via a web browser, attaching scanned receipts and supporting documents. Upon submission, the expense claim is routed for approval based on predefined rules. Once approved, Acumatica generates a bill in accounts payable for reimbursement and, if applicable, creates a customer invoice for billable expenses.

2. TIMESHEET REPORTING: Employees can conveniently complete timesheets from any location, documenting daily activities. Timesheets allow workers to specify customers, contracts, worked hours, and billable hours. Once approved by a supervisor, timesheets automatically update contract usage and generate customer bills.

3. TASK MANAGEMENT: Employees can create tasks associated with documents and assign them to other employees or workgroups. The task inquiry screen serves as a centralized location where employees can view tasks assigned from any module and tasks escalated for follow-up. Acumatica simplifies task management by allowing employees to add their task list to a dashboard and drill down to view task and document details.

The Employee Portal module in Acumatica provides comprehensive features to streamline expense claim reporting, timesheet management, and task assignment, enhancing overall efficiency and collaboration within the organization.

Timesheet Entry

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Expense Claim Entry

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Tasks Inquiry

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vi). Currency Management

The Currency Management (CM) module in Acumatica automates the computation of realized and unrealized gains and losses, facilitates account revaluations, and supports financial statement translation, simplifying the management of international subsidiaries and operations.Key Features:

1. REALIZED GAINS AND LOSSES: Acumatica automatically calculates realized gains and losses arising from foreign currency transactions recorded in any financial module. These transactions can include receiving payments from customers, issuing payments to vendors, and transferring funds.

2. REVALUATION OF GL ACCOUNTS: Easily revalue General Ledger accounts denominated in foreign currency. Prior to closing the financial period, you can execute the revaluation process to compute and generate auto-reversing adjusting entries for unrealized gains and losses.

3. FINANCIAL STATEMENT TRANSLATION: Perform financial statement translation to manage subsidiaries that operate or report in a foreign currency.

The Currency Management module in Acumatica offers essential features to streamline currency-related processes, ensuring accurate financial management across international operations.

Currency Rate by ID

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vii). Tax Management

The Tax Management (TX) module in Acumatica offers centralized tax configuration, management, and reporting, streamlining tax-related processes.Key Features:

1. FLEXIBLE TAX CONFIGURATION: Acumatica supports various types of taxes, including Sales, Use, Withholding, VAT, and Reverse VAT. Users can define multiple tax rates with different effective dates, along with minimum and maximum tax amounts. Taxes can be calculated per line item or based on the entire document amount. Additionally, taxes can be calculated on other taxes or solely on line item charges.

2. INTEGRATION WITH FINANCIAL MODULES: The Tax Management module seamlessly integrates with all Acumatica modules requiring tax calculation. Tax calculation occurs automatically based on the assigned tax zone to customer, employee, or vendor records, and the tax category assigned to inventory items. Manual tax adjustments are also feasible. Calculated taxes are posted to a dedicated tax liability account in the general ledger and designated accounts in the Tax Management module for future tax reporting.

3. AUTOMATIC OFFSET WITH ACCOUNTS PAYABLE: Acumatica allows users to represent tax agencies as vendor accounts. Within the tax vendor account, users can specify the tax reporting frequency and assign a vendor code. Each tax period, users can prepare tax reports for the tax vendor and subsequently close the tax period. Acumatica automates the generation of bills in accounts payable, offsetting tax liability for the reported period with the accounts payable account associated with the tax agency.

The Tax Management module in Acumatica offers comprehensive features to simplify tax configuration, calculation, and reporting, enhancing overall efficiency and accuracy in tax management processes.

Tax Configuration

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Tax Report

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Tax Adjustment

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viii). Integrated Financial Reporting With Velixo

Velixo is an exclusive tool designed specifically for Acumatica users, seamlessly integrating your ERP system with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. This integration allows you to extract data directly from your enterprise software and populate it in Excel. Velixo Reports retrieves real-time data through the cloud and adjusts information as you input it, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple menus and databases. This add-on offers flexibility and security for your connected data, catering exclusively to Acumatica Cloud ERP users.Key Features:

1. Generic Inquiry: Easily retrieve data from any generic inquiry using user-friendly Excel functions. Utilize simple functions like GIFILTER() for column filtering or leverage the flexibility of the OData query language for more advanced filtering options.

2. Security: Access Velixo Reports using the same login credentials as your Acumatica web browser login. Control access to specific roles and users, ensuring data security. Apply branch access rights and account/subaccount restriction groups to manage user access effectively.

3. Automated Report Distribution: Effortlessly distribute reports via email, export, or share multiple versions of the same report with a single click. Customize reports for different recipients by including various tabs or setting different parameters. Output reports in Excel, PDF, or other formats, with optional password protection.

4. GL Writeback: Streamline GL entry creation and posting directly from Excel. Customize GL entry content and amounts using dynamic Excel formulas, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in financial data management.

Velixo empowers Acumatica users with advanced functionalities, enabling seamless data extraction, secure access, automated report distribution, and efficient GL entry creation directly from Excel.

2. Acumatica Construction Project Management & Accounting

Acumatica Construction Edition stands as a flexible, robust, and cutting-edge cloud ERP system meticulously crafted to bring value to every facet of the construction industry, spanning from general contractors to land developers. Seamlessly integrate all aspects of your business with mobile Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) functionality, equipping your firm with the tools to streamline operations comprehensively. Harness the power of modern software automation to slash costs and time allocated to mundane tasks, while gaining the visibility necessary to address pain points that erode profits from your contracts.

Implementing Acumatica’s construction management platform provides your firm with access to real-time insights, paperless processes, scalable technology, and the latest industry-specific features. Utilize hosted touchpoints to bridge the gap between your back-office operations and field teams, including subcontractors ensnared in data silos that impede your business’s agility. Furnish your firm with adaptability in times of disruption and seize full control of your project management with a single, authoritative source of truth.

i) Construction Management

Acumatica offers a wide array of business management benefits tailored to construction firms across various sectors of the industry. Whether you operate as a general contractor, subcontractor, home builder, or land developer, Acumatica provides the visibility and automation necessary to maximize the value of your contracts.

  • For General Contractors:Consolidate disparate views of your business by integrating various touchpoints into a unified backend system. Access accurate insights from every field team and subcontractor, anytime and anywhere, via any device.
  • For Subcontractors:Efficiently manage contracts, payroll, field service deployments, and sales cycles through an integrated construction software stack. Monitor equipment warranties, purchase orders, customer records, and more in real-time, with advanced drill-down capabilities at your fingertips.
  • For Land Developers:Optimize planning and scheduling to ensure timely deployment of resources, maximizing project ROI. Stay compliant with federal, state, and municipal environmental and safety regulations across all job sites, service teams, and subcontractors under your management.
  • For Home Builders:Utilize user-defined reporting with flexible customization options and deep drill-down capabilities for streamlined activity tracking and management. Benefit from seamless data migration, supported by pre-built standards templates, web-based service, and electronic recordkeeping, enabling quick and easy access to relevant information.

Acumatica empowers construction firms with comprehensive solutions designed to enhance operational efficiency, compliance, and profitability, regardless of their specific industry role.

Projects Dashboard

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Project Manager

20240320 130159 0000

iii) Project Management

Acumatica’s operational and financial consolidation functionality ensures precise job costing, empowering construction firms to maintain project control effectively. Gain a clear, real-time view of every facet of your business and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) through insightful analytics provided via intuitive dashboards.

Project Tracking:Effortlessly filter through projects using multiple criteria, including cost and profitability, to maintain oversight in real-time. Make informed decisions swiftly as situations unfold in the field, thanks to centralized visibility over disparate data silos. Achieve seamless control over contracts and maximize the value return on investments.

Task Management:Utilize intuitive dashboards to access comprehensive task accounting, including completed tasks and those requiring attention, with pertinent details provided for each task. High-level performance reporting with drill-down capabilities enables quick identification and resolution of project-related issues.

Issue Tracking:Rapidly identify and address potential issues with visual reports highlighting discrepancies and negative trends. Filter reports by project for a organized view of unfolding developments and receive updates on firm KPIs. This ensures proactive management and timely resolution of emerging challenges.

Project Management

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Project Issue

20240320 130809 0000

iv). Construction Accounting Software

Effectively manage costs, payroll, profits, cash flow, and taxes with precision using percentage completion rates with Acumatica Financial Management. This robust financial solution caters to the needs of both smaller contractors and larger enterprises, offering scalability and simplicity.

Key Features:

1. Project Accounting:Integrate project accounting with core financials for streamlined budget tracking and revenue reporting. Gain insights into ROI by accessing views of expenses, materials, labor, services, and inventory to measure costs against profitability effectively.

2. Accounts Payable/Receivable:Streamline management of outgoing and incoming payments with real-time visibility and automation. Consolidate invoice management and billing into a single, seamless view, providing digestible updates and secure approvals.

3. Job Costing:Ensure seamless customer billing driven by real-time project costing, including up-to-date costs on labor, materials, equipment, and more. Detailed job cost information enables proactive identification of problem areas in current projects and accurate estimation of future projects.

4. Payroll:Integrated with Acumatica Financial Management, Payroll supports multiple unions, locals, classes, benefit packages, and complex wage structures, including certified wages, executive compensation, and commission structures. Flexible data management allows for customization to accommodate unique pay methods across multiple construction firms.

Acumatica Financial Management empowers construction firms with comprehensive tools to streamline financial processes, enhance project management efficiency, and drive profitability, while catering to diverse business needs.

Job Costing

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AIA Reporting

20240320 131507 0000

v). Field Service Management

Accurately manage costs, payroll, profits, cash flow, and taxes utilizing percentage completion rates with Acumatica Financial Management. Designed to be robust yet user-friendly, it caters to the needs of both smaller contractors and larger enterprises, offering scalability and simplicity. Acumatica Financial Management encompasses standard financial processes (GL/AP/AR) and reports, along with multicompany, multicurrency, and intercompany accounting, fixed assets management, recurring and deferred revenue tracking, and comprehensive cash management capabilities.

Key Features:

1. Daily Field Reports:Streamline field reporting and ensure seamless communication across teams by unifying data flows. Gather real-time updates on subcontractors, service teams, jobsite status, expense tracking, and more, keeping everyone on the same page.

2. Weather Tracking:Integrate with external web domains to access real-time updates on weather trends and forecasts specific to each jobsite’s location. Incorporate this data into Daily Field Reports to provide comprehensive jobsite status details.

3. Jobsite Camera Integration:Embed onsite camera views directly into Acumatica Construction Edition dashboards, organized by jobsite. Simply select a site by address, and the camera feed will be displayed alongside other project details, offering enhanced visibility and monitoring capabilities

Acumatica Construction Edition empowers contractors with advanced tools to streamline operations, enhance communication, and improve project management efficiency. With seamless integration of field reporting, weather tracking, and jobsite camera views, it ensures comprehensive oversight and collaboration across all aspects of construction projects.

vi). Acumatica Mobile App

Access full visibility into project status, job site performance, costs, and more from anywhere, at any time, and on any device through the Acumatica mobile app. Empower subcontractors to provide real-time data, thus unifying your processes and enhancing collaboration. With the latest features in construction management software accessible via smartphone or tablet, you can achieve the same level of visibility as from a desktop computer. Leverage mobility to manage approvals, generate reports, and track critical project items seamlessly from any location. Acumatica’s mobile app revolutionizes project management by delivering essential insights and functionality on the go, fostering efficiency and agility in construction operations.

3. Acumatica Customer Management (CRM) Software

The Acumatica Customer Management suite offers an enhanced CRM experience designed to streamline client engagement activities. Harness cutting-edge sales and marketing automation tools to effectively manage lead tracking, sales lifecycles, and customer service within a unified software platform. With a seamlessly integrated client record database linked to your ERP system, you gain access to real-time sales data and the Acumatica Customer Portal, ensuring continuous awareness of your customer relationships.

Hosted online, these client relationship management systems provide instant accessibility to your information, safeguarded by role-based permissions. Featuring web-based functionalities and a user-friendly browser interface, Acumatica CRM empowers users to effortlessly retrieve the necessary information with just one click. Keep your sales team constantly informed with data seamlessly integrated across all facets of your business through the robust cloud ERP solution.

i) Sales Automation

Acumatica offers sales tools designed to enhance information flow, reduce sales cycles, boost close rates, and improve overall sales efficiency.

Highlighted Features:

1. Flexible Accounts:Customize the length and segmentation of accounts and subaccounts to suit your organization’s needs. Adjust the structure even after implementation, providing flexibility and adaptability.

2. Integrated Financials:Acumatica’s sales automation seamlessly integrates with its financials, ensuring a single source of data and truth without the need for additional integration or manual data processing. Sales forecasts, revenue reports, collections, and commissions all utilize the same accurate data, saving valuable time typically spent reconciling information.

3. Integrated Document Management:Streamline document management by allowing employees to attach digital documents to leads, opportunities, and business accounts. This reduces the time spent searching for data and ensures that sales and finance teams always have access to the most up-to-date documents.

4. Lead Management:Efficiently manage leads from various sources such as your website, purchased lists, or trade shows. Leads can be automatically assigned and routed based on customized criteria, with security controls in place to ensure visibility only to authorized users.

5. Account and Contract Management:Convert leads into comprehensive business accounts, linking them to contacts, activities, tasks, opportunities, cases, and documents. This provides a complete 360-degree view of the account, allowing sales teams to stay informed about any activity that may impact their accounts.

Acumatica’s sales automation tools empower organizations to streamline their sales processes, improve productivity, and drive business growth effectively.

Lead Activities and Actions

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Filter Leads with Attributes

20240320 133050 0000

Customized Opportunity Stages

20240320 133226 0000

ii). Marketing Automation

The Acumatica CRM offers robust marketing tools designed to streamline lead management, enhance conversions, track campaign performance, facilitate communication with contacts, and boost productivity.

Highlighted Features:

1. Integrated Document Management:Acumatica incorporates an integrated document management solution, enabling marketing teams to maintain a centralized repository of customer collateral, email templates, price lists, contract templates, images, videos, and other documents. This ensures that the entire company utilizes up-to-date materials. Acumatica tracks document history and enforces access permissions for each document.

2. Lead and List Management:Efficiently manage leads gathered from various sources such as websites, purchased lists, trade shows, and manual entries by sales personnel. Leads can be automatically assigned and routed based on customized criteria, with strict security controls ensuring visibility only to authorized users. Utilities automate the process of identifying and merging duplicate leads and customers.

3. Email Marketing:Empower marketing teams to create email templates for newsletters, campaigns, and direct communications, ensuring consistent branding and messaging. Acumatica enables marketing teams to send targeted communication, such as monthly newsletters and promotions, to specific lists. All email activities are recorded and linked to the corresponding customer record, providing comprehensive insight into customer interactions.

Acumatica CRM’s comprehensive marketing tools enable organizations to effectively manage leads, execute targeted campaigns, and maintain consistent communication with contacts, ultimately driving improved engagement and conversions.

Marketing Lists

20240320 133701 0000

iii) Service and Support Automation

Acumatica Customer Management offers a robust customer relationship management (CRM) solution that streamlines sales processes, enabling quicker responses to customers and partners.

Highlighted Features:

1. Case Management:Support personnel can create cases that are accessible to all stakeholders, allowing for effective collaboration. Each case can be linked to tasks, events, and activities. Users can establish case severities, escalation paths, and priorities, which dictate workflow and trigger reminders for responsible parties.

2. Contract Management:Acumatica’s service and support automation is integrated with customer contracts, enabling service agents to swiftly determine the appropriate level of service. Financially driven service plans are linked to cases, ensuring that entitlements are granted and paid support is accurately billed. Service rates can be contracted per incident, per hour, or prepaid, providing flexibility to meet various customer needs.

3. Integrated Document Management:Acumatica includes a comprehensive content management solution, empowering support teams to access all documents and activities exchanged between the organization and the customer. Support personnel can be granted access to sales contracts, marketing offers, notes, emails, and other communications, facilitating quick determination of commitments made to customers.

Acumatica Customer Management’s advanced features enhance customer support processes, promoting efficiency, collaboration, and customer satisfaction.

iv) Acumatica Customer Portal

The Acumatica CRM suite introduces the Acumatica Customer Portal, enabling efficient communication and collaboration with customers.

Highlighted Features:

1. Self-Service Capabilities:Customers have round-the-clock access to their account information, enabling them to create new support cases and receive updates without the need for phone calls or emails. This empowers customers to resolve issues and access information at their convenience.

2. Financial Overview:The Customer Portal provides customers with a comprehensive view of their financial status, including historical documents, balances, due dates, payments received, and outstanding amounts. Customers can also update their contact details and user access information, enhancing their control over their accounts.

3. Knowledge Base:Customers can leverage the Knowledge Base feature to search for answers to their inquiries 24/7. This promotes knowledge transfer, facilitates self-service, and reduces the volume of support calls by providing customers with readily accessible information.

4. Document Sharing:The Customer Portal offers a secure platform for sharing documents with customers, such as marketing materials, educational resources, company policies, and FAQs. This eliminates the need for a separate web page and ensures that customers have easy access to relevant documentation.

The Acumatica Customer Portal enhances customer experience by providing self-service capabilities, financial transparency, access to knowledge resources, and secure document sharing, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and engagement.

4. Acumatica Distribution Software

The Acumatica Distribution Edition suite empowers you to effectively manage various aspects of your distribution operations, including sales orders, inventory tracking, order fulfillment, purchasing enhancements, and customer support, regardless of your location. This advanced distributor software system seamlessly integrates with all other modules and offers deployment options both on-premises and in the cloud, ensuring you have control over the storage of sensitive inventory and purchasing data. Whether deployed on-premises or in the cloud, you’ll benefit from modern browser-based functionality and supply chain automation.

With Acumatica, warehouse and inventory management become streamlined, providing real-time visibility into materials and products across all locations. Its technology-agnostic accessibility ensures availability on mobile devices, coupled with unlimited user pricing, offering unparalleled insights into your distribution processes. By gaining control over all aspects of your business, Acumatica for distribution enables you to adapt swiftly to changes within your supply and retail channels, positioning your business for success in dynamic markets.

i) Inventory Management

The Inventory Management (IN) module is designed to streamline system-wide inventory control, enabling efficient management of the distribution process while maintaining cost visibility.

Highlighted Features:

  • INVENTORY REPLENISHMENT SUGGESTIONS: Enhance cash flow management and optimize stock levels by leveraging recommendations derived from historical sales data analysis.
  • MULTIPLE WAREHOUSES: Effectively manage diverse warehouse operations with location-specific quantities, allocations, and costs. Granular access rights can be assigned for each warehouse to regulate information access and transaction entry.
  • MULTIPLE VALUATION METHODS: Utilize various inventory valuation methods such as standard cost, moving average, FIFO, and item-specific methods. This flexibility allows for the selection of different valuation methods tailored to each inventory item.
  • INVENTORY SUBITEMS: Organize inventory with sub-categories to track specific characteristics like size, color, and style. Each subitem can be associated with separate quantity information, facilitating detailed segment tracking and aggregated total reporting.

Inventory Management

20240320 170634 0000

Inventory Reporting

20240320 170831 0000

ii). Purchasing Management

The Purchase Order Management (PO) module optimizes your procurement processes by ensuring a consistent supply of materials while enforcing policy and process controls.

Highlighted Features:

AUTOMATIC PURCHASE ORDER CREATION: Acumatica automates the generation of purchase orders by analyzing inventory stock levels and replenishment algorithms. Orders are placed with vendors that best match specified price and delivery time requirements.

MULTI-LEVEL APPROVALS: Establish approval rules based on various criteria such as order type, vendor details, and order amount. Require approvals prior to printing or emailing purchase orders, ensuring compliance with organizational policies.

BLANKET ORDERS: Consolidate multiple orders to benefit from volume discounts or to procure hard-to-find items. Acumatica automatically checks for open blanket orders as orders are entered and offers the option to link them for streamlined management.

Purchase Order

20240320 171417 0000

Vendor Inventory

20240320 171630 0000

Print Purchase Order

20240320 171835 0000

iii). Sales Order Management Software

The Sales Order Management (SO) module offers centralized control over sales processes, including quote entry, order fulfillment, shipment creation, price tracking, discount application, and inventory monitoring.

Highlighted Features:

  • INTEGRATED WORKFLOW: Streamline order processing through automated workflows that configure order statuses, transitions, notifications, alerts, and predefined actions. This eliminates unnecessary manual steps and ensures efficient order management.
  • FLEXIBLE DISCOUNTS AND PROMOTIONS: Manage intricate pricing and discount strategies with ease by setting up quantity and volume discounts either as a percentage or a fixed amount. Specify rules and sequences for applying multiple discounts, and establish policies for price overrides.
  • COMPREHENSIVE ORDER TYPES: Choose from pre-defined order types or create custom types to align with your specific business processes. Utilize web menus to define procedures for various order types, including cash sales, quote conversions, phone orders, credit memos, and more.

Shipping Confirmation Report

20240320 172516 0000

Shipment Summary

20240320 172659 0000

iv). Requisiton Management

The Requisition Management (RM) module simplifies and organizes complex distribution processes involving multiple products and suppliers.

Highlighted Features:

AUTOMATED REQUESTS: Acumatica streamlines the collection and fulfillment of requests for internal consumption and external distribution. Users can select items from the catalog, with options to limit requests or require descriptions. The platform automates the entire process from order collection to payment collection, including obtaining supplier bids, sending quotes, approving orders, issuing purchase orders, receiving goods, and generating invoices.

WORKFLOW AND APPROVALS: Organize departmental participation in the requisition process with approval maps and authorizations. This ensures timely order fulfillment while maximizing margins by alerting the right personnel at the appropriate stages.

VENDOR BIDDING: Expedite the bidding process by emailing requests for proposals to multiple vendors. Award proposals to a single vendor or select multiple winners for different line items.

SALES QUOTES: Generate sales quotes based on catalog pricing or cost plus algorithms. Quotes can be printed or emailed to customers, and upon approval, Acumatica automatically generates sales and purchase orders to fulfill the requests.

Customer Requisition

20240320 173614 0000 1

Vendor Bidding

20240320 174154 0000

v). Acumatica WMS

The Acumatica WMS (Warehouse Management System) enhances the Distribution Edition by introducing barcode scanning functionality, providing real-time visibility into inventory controls. With flexible device access via the Acumatica Mobile App and cloud connectivity, this module streamlines warehouse operations, fostering collaboration and breaking down data silos.

Pick:- Generate pick lists and packing slips, including wave and batch picking and bulk processing. Automatically group items and shipments, calculate optimal picking paths, and split worksheets for available pickers.- Utilize barcodes to expedite the picking process and prevent errors.- Barcodes on pick lists ensure accurate order fulfillment.

Pack:- Ensure safe transport with appropriate package size and packing materials.- Support barcodes and lot/serial numbers for order accuracy.- Easily rectify errors in quantity, weight, and items.- Integrate with digital scales and printers for automated label and packing slip generation.

Ship:- Choose from various shipping providers, including UPS, USPS, FedEx, and international carriers via

ShipEngine.- Ensure timely pickup by preferred carriers.- Automate shipment label creation and tracking.- Provide customers with shipment progress notifications throughout order fulfillment stages.

Warehouse Manager Dashboard

20240320 175035 0000

Pick List

20240320 175305 0000

Receive and Put Away Mobile

20240320 175442 0000

5. Extended Acumatica Accounting Functionality

The Acumatica Financial Management suite offers enhanced capabilities through modules like Deferred Revenue Accounting, Fixed Asset Management, and Intercompany Accounting, facilitating comprehensive financial management. By consolidating accounting data from various ERP finance modules into a centralized database accessible to authorized users, Acumatica ensures seamless access to critical financial information.

The asset management system in Acumatica automates tracking based on predefined parameters, enabling swift and precise financial reporting. With Acumatica’s extended accounting functionalities within the Financial Management module, users gain real-time visibility into bookkeeping and reconciliation processes, fostering efficient financial management.

i). Deferred Revenue Management

The Deferred Revenue Management (DR) module in Acumatica automates and accurately handles scenarios where revenue recognition is deferred to future periods.

Highlighted Features:

AUTOMATED DEFERRED REVENUE ACCOUNTING: Acumatica automatically computes deferred revenue accounts based on user-defined schedules. As time progresses, deferred revenue is automatically recognized, ensuring that financial statements are updated accordingly.

DEFERRED REVENUE ADMINISTRATION: Users can create revenue recognition templates and apply them to line items on revenue transactions. These templates allow for specifying start dates, recognition methods, immediate recognition percentages, recurrence frequency, and timing within the period for generating transactions. Additionally, templates can be linked to specific accounts, sub-accounts, and inventory components.

CUSTOMIZED DEFERRAL SCHEDULES: Acumatica enables the creation of deferred schedules based on predefined templates or custom requirements. These schedules can be linked to specific transactions and line items across various income documents to model complex deferral scenarios accurately.

Deferred Revenue Schedule

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Deferred Revenue on Invoice

20240321 065035 0000

Deferred Expense Prepayment

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ii) Fixed Asset Management

The Fixed Assets Management (FA) module in Acumatica maintains depreciation schedules for owned, rented, or leased assets and seamlessly integrates with all other financial modules.

Highlighted Features:

VARIED DEPRECIATION METHODS: Choose from a wide range of predefined depreciation schedules, including ARCS, MARCS, straight-line, declining balance, sum of years’ digits, remaining value, flat rate, and units of production. Additionally, users have the flexibility to define custom depreciation schedules tailored to their specific needs.

TAX BENEFIT MANAGEMENT: Acumatica supports multiple depreciation books, calendars, special depreciation bonuses, and tax benefit recapture functionalities to ensure accurate accounting for complex tax regulations.

MULTIPLE DEPRECIATION BOOKS: Users can create depreciation books that do not impact the general ledger, catering to special tax and reporting requirements. These books can have independent calendar years, ensuring compliance with specific regulatory standards.

Fixed Asset Entry

20240321 065703 0000 1

Fixed Asset Set Up

20240321 070250 0000

Fixed Asset Inter-Branch Account Mapping

20240321 070445 0000

Fixed Asset Balance Report

20240321 070701 0000

iii). Intercompany Accounting

Acumatica Cloud ERP empowers you to efficiently oversee, administer, and generate reports across numerous subsidiaries or functional units within your organization.

Highlighted Features:

CENTRALIZED PURCHASING & INVOICING: Streamline purchasing and invoicing processes by integrating Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), and Sales Order Management. Purchase items and create sales orders across different companies with appropriate approvals in place.

ASSET TRANSFERS: Effectively manage and monitor fixed assets by assigning them to specific companies using the Fixed Asset Management module. Seamlessly transfer assets between companies while retaining their depreciation and purchase history in the receiving entity.

ROLE-BASED ACCESS: Establish roles and user groups with tailored access permissions to specific companies and associated transactions. Easily add users and maintain an audit trail of their activities. Control user access to customer or vendor records based on branch or company affiliations.

CROSS COMPANY SALES: Facilitate transactions between entities within the same tenant by enabling companies to buy and sell services from one another. Upon creation of an Accounts Receivable (AR) invoice in one company, the system can automatically generate an Accounts Payable (AP) bill in the corresponding Acumatica entity and establish linkage between the documents.

DIFFERENT FINANCIAL CALENDARS: Accommodate companies with distinct fiscal year-end dates within the same tenant. Expedite implementation processes, simplify maintenance efforts for entities sharing vendors and employees, and streamline the preparation of consolidated financial statements.

Define Multiple Organizations

20240321 071750 0000

Bills and Adjustments

20240321 071949 0000

6. Acumatica Field Service Management Software

The Acumatica Service Management suite offers a comprehensive set of modules tailored to modernize your field service operations and provide the tools necessary to enhance communication efficiency. Utilizing cutting-edge technology delivered through the cloud, this advanced Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ERP solution consolidates disparate workflows between your back office and field teams, facilitating seamless collaboration in real-time across disconnected units. With SWK Technologies’ expertise, you can implement and optimize this solution to maximize the return on investment (ROI) from your technology stack.

Acumatica’s field service management software seamlessly integrates and exchanges data with various connected modules and third-party applications, offering a complete 360-degree view of your service activities, both in the back office and out in the field. Featuring a mobile app compatible with Android and iOS devices, automated scheduling capabilities, and highly customizable dashboards equipped with visual analytics, this suite is designed to provide end-to-end visibility into your service lifecycles.

i) Equipment Management

Repair Scheduling:Efficiently manage and track appointments for services performed on equipment items installed at customer sites. Schedule and maintain a comprehensive history of all appointments, ensuring timely maintenance and repairs.

Component Handling:Define and manage components of equipment items, scheduling appointments for routine replacements and maintenance tasks to optimize equipment performance and longevity.

Warranty Tracking:Track warranties associated with equipment and components, receiving notifications for scheduled appointments. Ensure timely servicing and take advantage of warranty coverage to minimize costs.

Preventative Maintenance Contracts:Establish recurring schedules for preventive maintenance tasks, leveraging calendar boards to fine-tune appointment assignments. Proactively maintain equipment to minimize downtime and extend lifespan.

Standardized Billing Contracts:Define billing periods and service allotments, applying overage charges when necessary. Maintain clarity and consistency in billing processes to optimize revenue generation.

Mobile App:Access and update appointments and equipment information on the go with the mobile application available for Android and iOS devices. Capture essential data, access equipment history, and streamline communication from anywhere.

Multi-Language and Localization:Support multiple languages, date formats, and number formats to accommodate diverse user preferences. Customize language settings for web and mobile app users for seamless integration.

Enterprise-Wide Integration:Integrate with CRM opportunities to streamline service order creation. Maintain equipment and component inventory from sales orders for ongoing management and maintenance. Manage project schedules, budgets, and employee timecards efficiently across the enterprise. Optimize inventory replenishment processes with integrated purchasing and requisitions.

ii) Field Service Management

Dashboards and Business Intelligence:Easily create personalized dashboards to visualize progress and identify trends in real time. Acumatica’s business intelligence capabilities include integration with Microsoft Power BI, allowing insights from multiple data sources crucial to your business.

Integrated CRM:Acumatica’s Customer Management (CRM) is seamlessly integrated, providing a comprehensive view of customer interactions across the organization. From marketing to field services, customer information is accessible throughout the entire sales and service process, facilitating a 360-degree view of customer relationships.

Project Cost Tracking:Field Service Management in Acumatica Project Accounting tracks costs across various project phases, including time, materials, and expenses. Real-time comparison of actual costs with original and revised budgets enables effective project cost management.

Route Optimization:Efficiently plan appointment routes by filtering appointments based on various criteria. Routes are optimized using Google Maps, considering service personnel availability and required resources. Graphical displays and color-coded statuses allow dispatchers to quickly respond to issues and adjust routes to minimize drive time.

Inventory Management:Manage and track inventory across multiple vehicles and warehouse locations. Acumatica enables control and tracking of inventory costs, with integrated purchasing facilitating replenishment orders to specific locations. Dispatchers can schedule service appointments upon inventory arrival.

Service Contract Management:Monitor and manage recurring service contracts to maximize revenue. Visibility into contract renewal dates allows proactive contract management, with dashboards providing alerts for expiring contracts. Create and manage multiple service schedules per customer, optimizing appointments using the Schedule Calendar Board for staff and resources.

7. Acumatica Manufacturing Software

The Acumatica Manufacturing Edition suite offers an advanced ERP solution tailored specifically for manufacturers, complemented by CRM capabilities to efficiently manage key business functions. With flexible processes designed to streamline planning and control operations, this integrated technology stack bridges the gap between material resourcing, production, and distribution, empowering you to take full control of your value chain.

This ERP module boasts robust production management functionality suitable for various manufacturing types, including make-to-stock, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, project-centric, job shop, batch, and repetitive manufacturing. Hosted in the cloud, its modern MRP system provides real-time visibility into your entire supply chain, accessible from any device, whether desktop or mobile.

By integrating production planning and shop floor operations with customer management, sales orders, inventory, purchasing, accounting, and financial reporting, this solution facilitates seamless coordination of activities across your entire business. Additionally, it offers comprehensive insights into manufacturing overhead costs, enabling informed decision-making.

With cloud-hosted technology, you can consolidate disparate touchpoints within your business, creating a unified source of truth for your manufacturing chain. This consolidation enhances efficiency, improves collaboration, and ensures that you have complete visibility and control over your manufacturing processes.

i). Bill of Material (BOM) and Routing

Acumatica’s BOM management module offers efficient planning and control of inventories, costs, and manufacturing processes with several key features:

1. Effectivity/Expiration Dates: Maintain control over material planning and usage by specifying effectivity dates for content changes, facilitating smooth phase-in and phase-out transitions.

2. Multiple Sites: Support multiple sites within your organization, allowing for different or alternate Bills of Material (BOM) and Routings tailored to each site’s specific requirements.

3. Mass Change: Streamline operations by replacing components with different ones across individual or all Bills of Material, enhancing flexibility and adaptability to changing production needs.

4. Attributes: Utilize attributes to display optional or required values during production reporting. These attributes can be configured at the bill of material header and/or operations level, and can also be copied onto Production Orders, ensuring accurate and comprehensive production documentation.

These features empower manufacturers to optimize their production processes, minimize costs, and maintain efficient inventory management while ensuring compliance with production requirements and standards.

Acumatica Manufacturing BOM

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ii). Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Acumatica’s MRP system offers robust manufacturing planning tools designed to meet customer requirements and optimize inventory management effectively.

1. Forecasting: Seamlessly manage forecasts by either calculating them automatically or entering them manually. These forecasts can be dependent on and consumed by sales orders or can stand independently. Input forecasts based on various intervals such as one-time, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

2. MRP Detail: Gain comprehensive insights into your material plan through detailed MRP screens displaying all relevant activities, orders, requirements, balances, and recommendations for each inventory item. This allows for thorough review and execution of the manufacturing plan.

3. Bucketless System: Enhance your manufacturing resource planning by meticulously planning every requirement for every item without grouping them together. Acumatica MRP ensures detailed planning without overlooking any crucial requirements.

4. Multi-Site Planning: Take control over site-specific planning by configuring MRP to plan requirements either by individual sites or by a combination of multiple sites, enabling tailored planning strategies to meet diverse business needs.

With these powerful features, Acumatica’s MRP system empowers manufacturers to streamline production planning, optimize inventory levels, and meet customer demands efficiently while ensuring accurate and detailed resource planning across multiple sites.

MRP Exceptions

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iii). Estimating

Generate estimates for both new and existing items effortlessly with Acumatica’s versatile functionality, allowing seamless conversion to bills of material and production orders.

1. Estimate Non-Inventory Items: Easily create estimates for items not currently stocked in your inventory. Enhance estimates by attaching notes, files, and item attributes to provide comprehensive details.

2. Create New Inventory Items: Effortlessly convert non-inventory items into inventory stock or non-stock items within the system. Streamline the process of creating new inventory items and automatically generate bills of material directly from an estimate.

3. Generate Production Orders: Simplify production planning by creating production orders directly from estimates, ensuring smooth execution of manufacturing processes based on estimated requirements.

4. Sales Integration: Seamlessly integrate estimates with sales orders or opportunities within Acumatica Customer Management. Attach estimates directly to sales orders or opportunities, or create new sales orders directly from the estimate, facilitating efficient workflow and order processing.

With these features, Acumatica enables businesses to efficiently manage estimates, streamline inventory processes, and seamlessly integrate sales operations for enhanced productivity and customer satisfaction.

Estimate Operation

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iv). Production Management

With Acumatica, you can efficiently schedule productions on the shop floor while accurately tracking material and labor costs, ensuring optimal performance and cost management throughout the production process.

1. Critical Materials Management: Identify production order shortages promptly and take necessary actions by creating purchase orders and production orders for the required parts directly from a single screen, streamlining the procurement process and minimizing delays.

2. Labor Tracking: Capture direct production labor associated with production orders by employee, providing visibility into labor costs and productivity. Additionally, track non-production time using indirect codes, allowing for comprehensive labor management and cost analysis.

3. Production Performance Monitoring: Gain insights into production performance through detailed reports that compare actual costs to standard or planned costs. Analyze various cost components including labor, material, machine, tool, fixed, and variable overhead to optimize operational efficiency and profitability.

4. Event Audit Trail: Maintain a comprehensive audit trail of all production activities (events) associated with a production order, including descriptions, timestamps, and user IDs. This feature ensures transparency and accountability while facilitating traceability and compliance requirements.

By leveraging these features, Acumatica empowers businesses to effectively manage production operations, control costs, and drive performance improvements across the organization.

Production Order Maintenance

20240321 081057 0000

v). Product Configurator

Acumatica offers a sophisticated multi-level, dimensional, and rules-based system that enables non-hierarchical feature selections and configuration evaluation, seamlessly integrated into various processes such as quotes, sales orders, and production orders. This system provides real-time price and cost rollup, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information throughout the configuration process.

1. Configure to Order: Easily customize any item by selecting predetermined features and options, with the configured results seamlessly transitioning to a production order for efficient execution.

2. Dimensional Capability: Leverage multiple dimensional calculations and formulas to accurately determine the material requirements for each component of the configuration, ensuring precise resource allocation and inventory management.

3. Formula Validation: Validate formula calculations based on predefined criteria such as minimum or maximum attribute values or quantities chosen for selected features and options, ensuring consistency and compliance with business rules.

4. CRM Opportunities Integration: Seamlessly create configured items for sales opportunities within Acumatica’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module, streamlining the sales process and enhancing customer engagement.

By leveraging these advanced capabilities, Acumatica enables businesses to efficiently manage complex configurations, streamline order fulfillment processes, and deliver tailored solutions to meet customer needs, all while ensuring accuracy and compliance with business rules and regulations.

CRM Configuration

20240321 081509 0000

vi). Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS)

By utilizing Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) within Acumatica, you can enhance your production scheduling process, ensuring greater efficiency, accuracy, and capacity optimization. Here are the key features and benefits:

1. Rough-Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP): RCCP enables you to schedule open production orders considering finite capacity constraints. Orders are sequenced based on priority, constraint dates, and production order numbers. Material availability, including supply orders like purchase orders and transfer orders, is also taken into account. Planners can focus solely on actual production orders by excluding planning orders from RCCP.

2. Capable to Promise (CTP): With CTP functionality, you can determine the availability of items by a specified date or calculate availability dates for a given quantity of items, taking into account finite capacity constraints, material availability, and vendor lead times. This ensures accurate promise dates to customers and effective order fulfillment.

3. Work Center Capacity Planning: APS allows you to plan, monitor, and manage work center capacity effectively. You can conduct rough cut capacity planning with finite scheduling, considering operation durations based on factors such as crew sizes and labor efficiency. This enables you to optimize resource utilization and minimize production bottlenecks.

By leveraging these APS capabilities, Acumatica empowers you to create a more streamlined and accurate production schedule, enforce delivery dates effectively, and optimize capacity utilization. With automated scheduling and comprehensive capacity planning tools, you can achieve greater operational efficiency and maximize the return on investment of your resources.


20240321 081931 0000

vii). Engineering Change Control

Facilitate seamless Engineering Change Control (ECC) processes within the Manufacturing Edition of Acumatica. Streamline the transition from Engineering Change Requests (ECR) to Engineering Change Orders (ECO) while maintaining full control and visibility. Here’s how:

1. Engineering Change Requests: Efficiently manage ECRs by associating them with Bills of Materials (BOM) and revisions. Capture essential details such as requested dates, effective dates, requester names, priority codes, and additional information to ensure comprehensive change tracking.

2. Engineering Change Orders: Consolidate multiple ECRs into a single ECO for the same item, or initiate changes directly through the ECO process. This flexibility enables you to handle changes efficiently and adapt to evolving requirements without unnecessary complexity.

3. Approval Process: Implement an automated approval workflow to route ECRs and ECOs internally for review and approval. Establish secure approval chains tailored to your organization’s hierarchy, ensuring that all changes undergo appropriate scrutiny and authorization

.By automating ECC processes and consolidating controls within Acumatica Manufacturing Edition, you can enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and maintain compliance with standardized change management practices. Take advantage of log and audit trails to track every step of the ECC lifecycle, promoting transparency and accountability across your organization.

Engineering Dashboard

20240321 082415 0000

8. Acumatica Process Manufacturing & QA Software

Acumatica Process Manufacturing offers an advanced solution tailored to meet the unique formulation and batch processing requirements of various industries such as Food and Beverage, Cosmetics, and Chemicals. With integrated functionality from the Quality Management Suite (QMS) and Batchmaster software, manufacturers can achieve comprehensive control over their production processes while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Key Features:

1. Traceability Management: Utilize the QMS to establish a robust traceability system that provides end-to-end visibility across the supply and distribution chain. Seamlessly track and trace raw materials and finished goods throughout their lifecycle using mobile devices. Easily access lot and serial numbers from any location, enabling quick and accurate traceability.

2. Quality Control: Implement quality control measures to maintain product integrity and compliance. Conduct quality testing, report non-conformances, and implement Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) controls to address issues promptly. Ensure adherence to industry regulations and standards, enhancing overall product quality and customer satisfaction.

3. Compliance Assurance: Leverage Acumatica Process Manufacturing to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements specific to your industry. Stay informed about evolving regulations and seamlessly adapt your processes to meet compliance standards. With intuitive tools and features, achieve regulatory compliance efficiently and effectively.

By harnessing the capabilities of Acumatica Process Manufacturing, businesses can optimize their production processes, enhance quality control, and uphold regulatory compliance. From formulation to batch processing, Acumatica empowers manufacturers to achieve operational excellence and deliver high-quality products to customers.

i). Quality Assurance

Implementing comprehensive quality control measures is vital for ensuring product integrity and customer satisfaction in manufacturing processes. With Acumatica, you can establish robust quality control protocols tailored to your specific requirements, covering every stage of production from raw material inspection to final product delivery.

Key Features:

1. Quality Control Tests: Set up quality control (QC) tests with defined accepted values, tolerance thresholds, sample sizes, and recount criteria. This allows you to establish precise criteria for assessing the quality of raw materials, components, and finished products, ensuring consistency and reliability throughout the manufacturing process.

2. End-to-End Quality Control: Conduct QC testing at various checkpoints, including incoming raw materials, during production, within inventory management, and prior to shipping. By performing thorough quality inspections at each stage, you can identify and address any deviations or defects early on, preventing potential issues from escalating and reaching customers.

With Acumatica’s comprehensive quality control capabilities, you can streamline your QC processes, maintain product consistency, and uphold stringent quality standards across your entire supply chain. By integrating end-to-end quality control measures into your manufacturing operations, you can enhance product quality, minimize risks, and bolster customer satisfaction.

ii). Batch Processing

Batch Production and Optimization: With Acumatica, manufacturers can efficiently create and schedule the ideal number of batch jobs necessary to produce a product formula and its various packaging configurations. This feature enables organizations to optimize their production processes by determining the most efficient batch sizes and scheduling production runs accordingly, thereby maximizing resource utilization and minimizing waste.

Lab & Formulation: Acumatica empowers manufacturers to dynamically adjust formulas during both product development and production phases to meet specified target characteristics. Whether refining formulations during the product development stage or making real-time adjustments on the production floor, this functionality allows for agile and responsive formulation management. By leveraging this capability, organizations can ensure that their products consistently meet quality standards and customer expectations, fostering innovation and agility in their manufacturing processes.

iii). Regulatory and Standards Compliance

Compliance Reporting and Labeling: Acumatica facilitates compliance with industry-specific and federal regulations by providing robust functionality for generating lot traceability reports, transactional audit reports, and shipping documentation. This ensures that manufacturers can meet regulatory requirements and maintain transparency throughout their supply chain processes.

Corrective Actions Prevent Actions (CAPA): The system enables organizations to effectively manage, automate, assign, and track corrective action activities. With Acumatica, businesses can streamline the CAPA process, ensuring timely identification and resolution of issues while facilitating communication with relevant stakeholders.

Certificate of Analysis: Acumatica allows for the seamless generation of Certificate of Analysis (COA) and production deviation documents and reports. This feature ensures that manufacturers can provide accurate and comprehensive documentation regarding product quality and compliance, fostering trust and confidence among customers and regulatory authorities.

iv). Traceability Management

Traceability: Acumatica enables swift and efficient tracking and tracing of suspect materials throughout the entire production process, from receiving to shipping and even within work-in-progress (WIP) stages. This comprehensive traceability functionality ensures transparency and accountability, allowing businesses to quickly identify and address any issues that may arise.

Non-Conformance Reporting: With Acumatica, organizations can easily track and report non-conformances and deviations in their manufacturing processes. The system maintains a complete audit trail, providing detailed documentation of all non-conformance incidents. This enables businesses to implement corrective actions promptly and effectively, ensuring adherence to quality standards and regulatory requirements.

v). Technology Integrations

Mobile Capabilities: Acumatica offers the flexibility to capture data from any location using any device, empowering users to access and input information on the go. Whether in the field, on the shop floor, or in remote locations, employees can seamlessly interact with the system using their preferred devices, ensuring real-time data capture and processing.

Internet of Things (IoT) Integration: Acumatica enables the collection of measurement values from the plant floor and measuring machines through IoT integration. By leveraging IoT sensors and devices, the system can gather real-time data on various parameters, such as temperature, pressure, and production metrics. This integration enhances visibility into manufacturing operations, facilitates predictive maintenance, and supports data-driven decision-making processes.

9. Acumatica Project Accounting Software

The Acumatica Project Accounting suite provides comprehensive project management accounting tailored for service-oriented businesses, seamlessly integrated with various modules including General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Inventory Management, and the Employee Portal. This versatile solution caters to the needs of professional services organizations, offering accurate and real-time contract finance data essential for efficient operations. Industries benefiting from Acumatica’s project-based accounting software include engineering firms, marketing agencies, consultants, law firms, temporary staffing agencies, among others.

Through this integrated suite, businesses can streamline project quoting and operational expense management, facilitating up-to-the-minute reporting accessible via the cloud. With a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment model, organizations can establish instant connectivity between their accounting team and field service data capture tools, minimizing the risk of errors and ensuring seamless data flow across operations. By integrating the project accounting module with other Acumatica applications, businesses can establish a unified workflow tailored to meet diverse project management needs.

i). Highlighted Features

EXPENSE MANAGEMENT: Obtain comprehensive insights into project-related expenses by meticulously tracking materials, labor, services, and inventory items. Equitably allocate shared costs using predefined formulas to ensure accurate cost distribution.

ADVANCED BILLING: Customize billing rates based on employee, customer, project type, or specific tasks to accurately reflect the value of services rendered. Recognize revenue based on completion percentage or task milestones, providing flexibility in billing methods.

BUDGET TRACKING: Create comprehensive project budgets encompassing inventory items, non-stock items, labor, services, and more. Monitor actual project costs in real-time and compare them against original and revised budgets using dynamic reporting features.

WORK-IN-PROGRESS (WIP) SUPPORT: Implement robust WIP accounting practices to effectively manage costs and prevent premature impacts on Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), ensuring accurate financial reporting.

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Efficiently allocate project managers, employees, machinery, and other resources to specific projects and tasks. Establish billing rules and options for each task to streamline resource allocation and billing processes.

New in Version 4.1 – Enhanced Employee Time Entry: The latest version introduces a streamlined and unified employee time entry system, consolidating Timecards, Timesheets, and Simple Time Cards into a single user-friendly interface. With simplified setup procedures and multiple data entry options available on a single screen, users can input time data swiftly and accurately, enhancing efficiency in time tracking for both employees and equipment.

ii). Additional Features

Expense Allocation: Easily allocate expenses to specific projects, ensuring accurate tracking and attribution of costs.

Budget Markup: Apply markups to project budgets to account for additional costs or profit margins.Scalability: Seamlessly manage multiple projects within the system, accommodating the diverse needs of your organization as it grows.

Revenue Recognition: Implement flexible revenue recognition methods based on project milestones, completion percentage, or other criteria to ensure accurate financial reporting.

Linked Timesheets: Link timesheets directly to specific projects and budgets, facilitating accurate time tracking and cost allocation.

Task Definition: Define tasks within projects to break down work into manageable components and track progress effectively.

Flexible Billing: Customize billing methods and rates to align with project requirements, providing flexibility to meet client needs.

Integration: Ensure seamless integration with other modules within the ERP system, allowing for cohesive data flow and visibility across all business processes.

Audit Trails: Maintain detailed audit trails of all project-related activities and transactions for compliance and accountability purposes.

iii). Acumatica & Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a contemporary Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool designed for visual project scheduling, seamlessly integrated with Acumatica Project Accounting. This integration empowers users to streamline project management and consolidate deadlines effectively. Field supervisors and project managers benefit from Smartsheet’s intuitive interface, enabling them to reschedule tasks and allocate resources swiftly and effortlessly. With just a click of a button, project assignments can be adjusted, reducing the time required for coordination.

The integration ensures that scheduled changes are promptly transmitted back to the cloud-based Acumatica ERP module, updating the information in real-time. This synchronization fosters consistent connectivity among all teams, enabling smoother collaboration and enhancing overall project efficiency. Moreover, users performing back-office tasks such as project costing, purchasing, and expense processing can execute these functions directly within their application. Acumatica immediately reflects these updates, ensuring accuracy and alignment across all project-related activities.

For further insights into the Acumatica and Smartsheet integration, we invite you to watch the video provided below:

Acumatica & Smartsheet

10. Acumatica Payroll Software

Integrated seamlessly with the Financial Management suite, Acumatica Payroll software provides comprehensive functionality to ensure timely employee payments and smooth tax filings. This solution optimizes compensation processes and equips your accounting team with the necessary tools to streamline payroll management effectively. Designed to cater to businesses of various sizes and industries, the web-based automation feature ensures compliance with tax regulations set by industry standards and government authorities.

Efficiently manage time entry, scheduling, PTO options, and overtime based on individual employee roles, including field service teams. The Acumatica Payroll module facilitates payment distribution via check or direct deposit, offering simplified setup, processing, and reporting functionalities. Access and analyze payroll data effortlessly using any popular web browser, thanks to out-of-the-box reporting and inquiry screens.

i). Key Acumatica Payroll Benefits

Tax Compliance: Acumatica Payroll ensures tax compliance by automatically updating tax tables for federal, state, and local regulations in the background. This ensures that accurate tax rates are applied based on employee salaries and benefits, providing peace of mind for payroll processing.

Employee Roles and Earnings: Payroll classes are organized using default templates that can be customized to accommodate variable factors such as timesheet entries and paid time off accruals. The system simplifies earning type definitions by consolidating pay codes into a few categories, streamlining payroll management.

Pay Scheduling: Pay periods are easily managed through pay groups, allowing for seamless scheduling across different roles and classes. Deductions and benefits are automated for each group, ensuring accurate payment for every employee based on their position and designated check date.

Benefits and Overtime: Acumatica Payroll tracks benefits, deductions, and overtime pay through cloud-based electronic recordkeeping. Rule configurations accommodate various factors such as state regulations, project requirements, or union guidelines, allowing for automatic adjustments to paychecks as needed.

Acumatica Payroll Dashboard

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Overtime Rules

20240321 090955 0000

Automated Scheduling

20240321 091154 0000

11. Acumatica Retail and Ecommerce Software

The Acumatica Retail Commerce Edition offers a robust platform for retailers to establish a comprehensive ecommerce and omnichannel infrastructure. With seamless integrations to core modules like Fulfillment, CRM, Financial, Order, and Inventory management, as well as popular digital storefront and point of sale (POS) third-party systems such as BigCommerce and Shopify, this cloud ERP solution centralizes workflows across the entire product lifecycle and customer journey.

Featuring intuitive dashboards that provide essential data sets condensed on a single screen, Acumatica Retail Commerce Edition offers unparalleled visibility and flexibility. With mobile device support for both Android and iOS, retailers can adapt to the evolving digital commerce landscape while staying connected and responsive to customer needs.

SWK’s Ecommerce integration services complement Acumatica’s Retail Commerce Edition by tailoring the retail technology stack to meet specific business requirements. By customizing the software ecosystem around Acumatica, SWK ensures seamless integration with storefront and POS applications, positioning businesses for success in the age of digital transformation. With SWK’s expertise, retailers can maximize their ROI on omnichannel operations and drive growth in a competitive market.

i) Inventory Management

The Inventory Management module within Acumatica ensures efficient control of system-wide inventory, enabling seamless management of the distribution process while maintaining cost visibility.

Inventory Replenishment: Establish parameters such as minimum and maximum order quantities, reorder points, seasonality, lead times, safety stock, and forecast models to facilitate automated replenishment calculations.

Multiple Warehouses: Effortlessly configure and oversee multiple warehouse locations, with stocking locations defined by aisle, row, rack, slot, and bin. Customize location defaults for various transactions including receiving, returns, shipping, and drop-shipments, and prioritize pick locations based on item and warehouse preferences.

Valuation Methods: Employ diverse valuation methods such as standard cost, moving average, FIFO, and item-specific approaches to accurately value inventory. Tailor the valuation method for each inventory item as per business requirements.

Perishable Inventory and Lot/Serial Traceability: Effectively manage perishable inventory by utilizing shelf life and expiration dates, with first-expired, first-out (FEFO) picking methods. Capture and generate lot and serial numbers to facilitate traceability of inventory items throughout the supply chain.

ii). Financial Management

Implementing Acumatica Financial Management revolutionizes your accounting processes, enabling efficient finance operations that add value to your organization.

General Ledger: The General Ledger (GL) serves as the centralized hub for all financial data, encompassing your chart of accounts, financial periods, ledgers, allocations, and more.

Accounts Receivable: With the Accounts Receivable (AR) module, you can streamline invoicing, statement generation, payment processing, balance verification, sales commission tracking, and customer reporting.

Accounts Payable: The Accounts Payable (AP) module simplifies vendor invoice tracking, automates payment processing, forecasts cash requirements, monitors vendor balances, manages discounts, and generates vendor reports.

Employee Portal: The Employee Portal (EP) module automates timesheet entry, expense claim submission, and task assignment processes, enhancing workforce efficiency.

Velixo Excel Reporting Integration: Leveraging the Velixo Excel Reporting Integration, exclusive to Acumatica users, seamlessly integrates your ERP with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. This integration facilitates direct data retrieval from your enterprise software to populate Excel spreadsheets efficiently.

iii) Order Management

Acumatica Order Management streamlines the creation of sales quotes, sales orders, purchase orders, and more by directly integrating data from your manufacturing, inventory, and warehouse operations.

Sales Order Management: Centralize your sales activities with Acumatica’s order processing software. Efficiently handle tasks such as entering quotes, fulfilling sales orders, tracking prices, applying discounts, and monitoring available inventory.

Automated Requisitioning: Automate the entire requisitioning process, from order collection to supplier bid collection, quote sending and approval, purchase order issuance, and goods receipt. Authorize users to select items from your catalog, set limits on requests, or provide descriptions.

Multilevel Approval: Establish approval rules based on various criteria such as order types, vendor details, order amounts, and other order-specific factors. Control the release of orders through a predefined approval workflow.

Vendor Selection and Performance Analysis: Easily upload vendor price lists containing product details, prices, and delivery times. Keep costs, quantities, and lead times updated upon receiving goods. Maintain statistical data on vendor performance for informed decision-making.

iv). Business Intelligence and Reporting

Acumatica’s business intelligence and analytics capabilities provide you with a centralized view of your diverse data sources. Transform raw data from your ERP into insightful reports that empower you to make informed decisions.

Branding: Personalize reports with your branding and imagery, with complete control over fonts and the placement of information to align with your brand identity.

Templates: Simplify report creation by saving report parameters as templates, allowing for immediate population of reports with predefined parameters.

Ad Hoc Filters: Apply ad hoc filters to entry forms and report forms, enabling you to display only the relevant data for the current analysis.

Reusable Filters: Utilize reusable filters to create and apply complex filter criteria, saving them for future use across multiple reports and analyses.

v). Acumatica BigCommerce & Shopify Connector

The Acumatica Retail-Commerce Edition integrates Inventory Management, Financial Management, Order Management, and Point of Sale (POS) modules, along with native connectors for BigCommerce and Shopify, into a unified suite. This comprehensive platform offers an end-to-end ecommerce solution, providing visibility into every aspect of your extended value chain to effectively manage digital orders.

Real-time Bidirectional Data: Facilitate seamless communication between your BigCommerce or Shopify front-end and Acumatica back-office software, ensuring that orders are processed promptly and financials are updated in real-time. Import in-store sales transactions from Shopify POS for comprehensive tracking.

Product Information Sync: Keep product information up-to-date across platforms, including title, description, category, price, images, and metadata. Utilize fraud data imported from Shopify to identify and manage high-risk transactions effectively.

Online and Offline Synchronization: Automatically synchronize orders placed online and offline between your BigCommerce or Shopify site and Acumatica, ensuring consistency and accuracy across channels.

Shipment Synchronization: Streamline shipment synchronization with BigCommerce or Shopify, generating separate shipment and tracking numbers for each box in the shipment to facilitate efficient tracking and delivery management.

vi). Acumatica Point of Sale

Acumatica’s point of sale (POS) system provides a user-friendly interface optimized for mobile devices and touch screens, enabling seamless management of POS transactions. It offers connectivity with various hardware peripherals such as cash registers, barcode scanners, receipt printers, and credit card terminals.

Efficient Order Entry: Streamline order creation by setting default device settings, duplicating historical orders, and utilizing barcode scanners to quickly add items to orders. Automatically apply customer-specific pricing and discounts for enhanced efficiency.

Barcode Scanning: Simplify order entry processes with barcode scanning functionality. Easily increase item quantities with each scan, add items based on inventory SKUs or alternate identification numbers, and capture lot and serial information as needed.

Cash Register Integration: Seamlessly connect with cash registers, ensuring automated drawer opening after each cash transaction. Simplify reconciliation tasks with end-of-day or end-of-shift register receipts and reports.

Real-Time Inventory Management: Access up-to-date inventory availability information across retail store and warehouse locations in real-time, enabling better decision-making and inventory control.

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