Motorola Edge 50 Fusion V/S OnePlus Nord CE4 Detailed Comparison which one Is Best For You |Wed|

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Smartphone Comparison: Motorola Edge 50 Fusion V/S OnePlus Nord CE4 Detailed Comparison

Motorola Edge 50 Fusion V/S OnePlus Nord CE4:- Which smartphone should you buy under ₹25,000 rupees. let’s see the best comparison by Wed and find out your best smartphone

Design: Motorola Edge 50 Fusion V/S OnePlus Nord CE4

If you see both the phones. I like Moto’s design over OnePlus that’s because it is more minimalistic and looks more premium to our eyes. So, I can give you my eyes opinion So yours opinion could be different what is not subjective however is vegan leather and suede leather bags used by Motorola is actually more premium compared to plastic used by OnePlus.

Suede Or Vegan Leather 20240612 092350 0000
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Moreover Motorola also brings a bunch of trendy colours with the Pantone partnership.

Screenshot 20240612 092823

There is this nice little Blue Colour, there’s a pink colour and there is also a Black one having said that

Screenshot 20240612 090915

I did probably pick this Motorola vegan these varient over the suede finish because the suede one does get really dirty soon.

Screenshot 20240612 091035

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And we noticed that in our testing as well, Furthermore Motorola is slimmer and lighter than OnePlus Nord CE4

Screenshot 20240612 091117
Screenshot 20240612 091101

which is already slim in light and the biggest advantage is that Motorola Edge gets IP68 rating where you get only IP54 on OnePlus

OnePlus Nord CE4 20240612 100013 0000

and country like – India where it rains often IP rating would definitely give you better peace of mind that is for sure by the way OnePlus Nord CE4 does have a couple of extra features for Example – it has a Micro SD Card reader and you get on infraid blaster as well

Micro SD Card 20240612 192713 0000

both are pretty useful to have but the question to ask here is what would you rather pick would you pick a phone that’s Thinner, Lighter uses more premium materials and has IP68 rating or a phone with on SD Card Slot and on infraid Blaster let me know in the comments below but before you head to the comment you can join our WhatsApp Group And Telegram Group. So, Join by the clicking on the link.

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Display: Motorola Edge 50 Fusion V/S OnePlus Nord CE4

Display: Motorola Edge 50 Fusion V/S OnePlus Nord CE4

Now we are back to yet another fundamental conundrum a Curved display or a flat one because Motorola offers Curved display and OnePlus offers Flat display you know that i prefer Flat Panels but a lot of people do prefer curved panels. so, I don’t know which side you are on but let’s see about the technical details and starting off with the fact that Motorola actually offers a higher refresh rate of 144Hz as compared to 120Hz on OnePlus.

Brightness Mode 20240614 160052 0000 1

Secondly, the high Brightness mode or the Auto brightness is higher on Motorola Edge 50 compared to Oneplus Nord CE4 so, when you take it outdoors under the direct sunlight Motorola is brighter than Oneplus.

Screenshot 20240614 160524

You can see that for yourself colour accuracy you get 100% DCP3 color gamut on Motorola and it’s very close to neutral so OnePlus does good color accuracy as well and it also offers HDR in Apps that matters. So, I genuinely hope that Motorola can fix that with on update.

Screenshot 20240614 161334

Now when you are seeing the glass protection on top of the display corning Gorilla Glass 5 dragon train on Motorola and Dragontrail on OnePlus which definitely gives the advantage to Motorola but Oneplus does have the superior vibration motor and therefore you get far better haptic feedback with O Haptics compared to Motorola.

audio files in the phone both the phone support LDAC and LHDC Codex.

Now, I did also do a speaker test between the two. I could not really tell the difference both sounds very loud rich and the spacious is also very similar too take a listen to it for yourself and let me know what you guys think and for the audio files in the phone both the phone support LDAC and LHDC Codex.

Performace: Motorola Edge 50 Fusion V/S OnePlus Nord CE4

Performace: Motorola Edge 50 Fusion V/S OnePlus Nord CE4Performace: Motorola Edge 50 Fusion V/S OnePlus Nord CE4

So, the Snapdragon 7 gen 3 (4nm) inside the OnePlus Nord CE4 is definietly more powerful than the 7s Gen 2 (4nm) in the Motorola Edge 50 fusion.

so you get higher scores on Antutu you get higher scroes on geek bench and you get better gaming performance as well. For Example;- In BGMI you can achive 60 FPS at HDR graphics on OnePlus whereas, on Motorola it,s 60 FPS at smooth Graphics low graphics settings.

Screenshot 20240619 131459 1

basically now obviously in terms of raw performance OnePlus will be better than moto but we also tried our CPU Throttle test where we run 40 threads for 30 Minutes and Motorola actually offered better CPU stability of 84% compared to 76% on OnePLus of course.

OnePlus had higher jits now for users who don’t care about gaming the 7s Gen 2 should work absolutely fine in daily usage with the Motorola Edge 50 fusion I Faced no stutters it was vey-very smooth but that’s also true for the OnePlus Nord CE4 it is also very fast very smooth but.

I did notice something animations on motorola you get fast and smooth animations when you are opening or closing apps. on oneplus however there are stutters sometimes in the app opening animation when it doesn’t fire.

Connectivity: Motorola Edge 50 Fusion V/S OnePlus Nord CE4

Connectivity: Motorola Edge 50 Fusion V/S OnePlus Nord CE4

Also one area where Motorola is unequivocally better is a network performance you get support of 15 5G Bands as opposed to 7 5G Bands on OnePlus

And there is support for NFC as well which in not avilable on oneplus which is a huge let down considering Google wallet is active now, People are adding their cards to google Wallet and tapping and paying it is going to be really very useful.

Battery: Motorola Edge 50 Fusion V/S OnePlus Nord CE4

Now, I tested a battery performance and i got 7 to 8 hours of screen on time on Motorola with 5,00omAh battery and you get 8 to 9 hours on Oneplus with 5,500mAh battery.

Battery: Motorola Edge 50 Fusion V/S OnePlus Nord CE4

Battery charging is faster on OnePlus Nord CE4 you get 100w Charging speed compared to 68 w on Motorola.

Screenshot 20240619 131806Screenshot 20240619 131815

So, 0 to 100 takes about 29-30 minutes only on OnePlus to Full charge and on Moto’s it takes about 45 minutes so, In Battery life and charging speeds Oneplus is Better than Motorola

Software: Moto Edge 50 Fusion vs Nord CE4

IMG 20240623 WA0001

Now, I have written at length about the software experiences on both there phones “Hello UI” on Motorola and “Oxygen OS” on OnePlus.

OnePlus. 20240623 203039 0000

I go into the depths here but here are the things that you need to know firstly OnePlus Promises 2 Years of software Updates where Motorola promises 3 Years as far as promises go yes Motorola definitely one-ups OnePlus but, keep in mind that OnePlus has been more consistent with software updates.

So, we’ll have to wait and watch if motorola can do that as well “Hello UI” has absolutely no blot Apps whatsoever I mean there is Linkedin Pre-installed but i think most people use it anyway. OnePlus on the other hand does ask you to Pre-install apps on the Oneplus Nord CE4 something I had seen previously on OnePlus CE4.

Now, you can uninstall tile match and bubble bop but why install it in the first place OnePlus you never used to do this also in terms of the software features itself.

IMG 20240623 WA0000

I find Motorola more premium with gestures Moto secure and ready for On Oneplus you definitely have that dynamic Island rip off see what i did there see. I like “Oxygen OS” it’s a refined software experience but Motorola is even better taht’s what i think what do you guys think comment below.

Camera:Moto Edge 50 Fusion vs Nord CE4

When it comes to choosing a smartphone, the camera is often a deciding factor for many consumers. In this article, we compare the camera capabilities of two popular models: the Moto Edge 50 Fusion and the Nord CE4. Let’s dive into the details to see which one comes out on top.

Camera Specifications

Moto Edge 50 Fusion:

  • Primary Camera: 108MP, f/1.8 aperture
  • Ultra-Wide Camera: 16MP, f/2.2 aperture
  • Macro Camera: 5MP, f/2.4 aperture
  • Front Camera: 32MP, f/2.0 aperture

Nord CE4:

  • Primary Camera: 64MP, f/1.7 aperture
  • Ultra-Wide Camera: 8MP, f/2.3 aperture
  • Depth Sensor: 2MP, f/2.4 aperture
  • Front Camera: 16MP, f/2.5 aperture

Image Quality

Moto Edge 50 Fusion:

  • Daylight Performance: The 108MP sensor captures stunning details with vibrant colors. Photos are crisp, with excellent dynamic range.
  • Low Light Performance: Night mode significantly improves low-light shots, reducing noise and enhancing details.
  • Ultra-Wide and Macro: The 16MP ultra-wide captures expansive scenes beautifully, while the 5MP macro camera excels in close-up shots.

Nord CE4:

  • Daylight Performance: The 64MP camera produces sharp images with good color accuracy. The dynamic range is decent, though not as extensive as the Moto Edge 50 Fusion.
  • Low Light Performance: Night mode helps, but images can sometimes appear grainy.
  • Ultra-Wide and Depth Sensor: The 8MP ultra-wide camera is adequate for capturing larger scenes, but it lacks the detail and vibrancy of the Moto Edge 50 Fusion. The depth sensor aids in portrait shots, providing good background blur.

Video Capabilities

Moto Edge 50 Fusion:

  • 4K Video Recording: The primary camera supports 4K video recording at 30fps, delivering detailed and smooth footage.
  • Stabilization: Electronic image stabilization (EIS) ensures steady videos even in motion.

Nord CE4:

  • 4K Video Recording: Also supports 4K at 30fps, but the detail and color accuracy are slightly inferior compared to the Moto Edge 50 Fusion.
  • Stabilization: EIS is available, but it’s not as effective as in the Moto Edge 50 Fusion.

Selfie Performance

Moto Edge 50 Fusion:

  • The 32MP front camera produces sharp and detailed selfies. The portrait mode is particularly impressive, with excellent background blur and subject separation.

Nord CE4:

  • The 16MP front camera is capable of taking good selfies, but it lacks the detail and dynamic range seen in the Moto Edge 50 Fusion. Portrait mode is decent but not as refined.


While both the Moto Edge 50 Fusion and Nord CE4 offer solid camera setups, the Moto Edge 50 Fusion clearly stands out with its superior primary camera, better low-light performance, and higher-resolution selfies. If camera quality is your top priority, the Moto Edge 50 Fusion is the better choice.

Stay tuned for more tech comparisons and updates. For the best deals on these smartphones, check out our affiliate links below.

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